Local-Themed Favors

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What are some ideas for local-themed wedding favors?

Local-Themed Favors

Destination weddings offer an opportunity for you to get creative with your wedding favors. Let the items you choose reflect your taste and the customs and culture of the destination. If your guests don't object to alcohol, consider a small bottle of rum or a rum-flavored cake for a Caribbean destination wedding. In Mexico, the local crafts and artwork provide a number of good choices, from silver jewelry to wood carvings to hand-loomed blankets. Hawaii, too, offers its unique products, such as Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, and even anthirium flowers. If you need ideas on local gifts, talk with the boutique at the resort where you'll be staying.

Don't ignore activities as destination wedding favors. Consider a watersports activity, such as para-sailing or wind-surfing, a round of golf, a spa treatment, or a hula lesson as a gift--something your guests wouldn't necessarily do on their own.

If you do decide on a gift item, make sure to keep if light-weight and small-sized. Your guests will have to find room for the item in their suitcase or lug it through the airport. Don't make them hate the item before they even get it home.



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