Destination Wedding Cameras

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What are my options for destination wedding cameras?

Destination Wedding Cameras

Giving your guests disposable cameras for them to take pictures of your wedding ceremony and reception is a great way to get a variety of candid photos of the well as get your guests involved in the festivities. Some wedding couples give a camera to each guest when they arrive; others leave a camera on every table at the reception.

There are a variety of designs and types of disposable wedding cameras from which to choose. Below are just a few. Expect to pay between $10 and $15 for cameras decorated to match your wedding theme. Most companies have a minimum number of cameras you must order for the cameras to be customized. Exposures vary from 10 to 27.

1. Island Wedding-Themed Cameras. These cameras are encased in a festive tropical-themed paper sleeve.

2. Wedding-Themed Cameras. Cameras decorated with a silver or white heart design, bells, and other wedding motifs.

3. Personalized Cameras. These have a wedding-themed design with the names of the bride and groom on the paper sleeve.

Many destination wedding firms, including Destination, offer a full selection of disposable cameras and other wedding favors. Many companies will ship these items ahead to your destination.



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