Holiday Themed Destination Wedding

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How do I plan my holiday themed destination wedding?

Holiday Themed Destination Wedding

If you decide to get married over a holiday, why not theme your wedding around that special time of year? Christmas weddings, whether in colder climates or in the islands, can be specially themed with Christmas colors and images to make your destination wedding memorable. Colors of red, green and gold can make your Christmas theme shine! If you choose to get married over Valentine's Day, a theme of pink, red and many heart shapes can be sure to make guests feel your love, no matter what location you choose for the event. Halloween weddings can be a great start for those who love the idea of a horror theme for their wedding, and if you're truly Irish – a Kelly green St. Patrick's Day wedding may be just what you're looking for! Coordinating your favors, invitations, decorations and even food to the holiday you're celebrating can also make your wedding great.



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