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How can I plan my Hawaiian themed destination wedding?

Hawaiian Themed Destination Wedding

Getting married at a Hawaiian destination can be incredibly romantic. You can make your Hawaiian wedding even more interesting, however, if you choose to incorporate a Hawaiian theme. Some Hawaiian customs that you can add to your wedding to make it more exotic are: translating the guests' names into Hawaiian (there are many different resources online for this), having a luau reception, and giving leis to all of the guests. Additionally, you can have the bridal party dress in traditional Hawaiian dresses, the men can wear Hawaiian shirts, and you could even have the flower girl dress in a hula skirt! Orchids are also a big part of the Hawaiian traditional wedding, and you can choose to have your guests throw orchid petals at the end of the ceremony, or even to get married in a large circle made of orchids and their petals. There are many different ways to add a bit of Hawaiian spice to your wedding ceremony, and your Hawaiian wedding coordinator will be sure to help you think of some ways that will fit well into your ceremony.

How can I plan my Disney themed destination wedding?

Disney Themed Destination Wedding

Walt Disney World is known as “the Happiest Place on Earth”, so what better place is there to get married? While getting married at Disney World is not the only way to have a Disney theme wedding, it sure is a great place to start! Disney weddings can range from small, such as their Intimate Wedding package with honeymoon, which costs about $3000, to grand in scale. Custom wedding prices start at $7500 on weekdays. You can choose many different locations and styles for your Disney wedding, as there are different places throughout the Disney resort that can host your wedding. You could have Mickey and Minnie attend your reception, have an “Under the Sea” wedding, or a “Beauty and the Beast” theme, along with many other choices. The most popular of the Disney theme weddings is the Cinderella wedding, which can also be arranged as your custom wedding package. Contact the Disney resort directly, or have your destination wedding planner take care of all the Disney consulting for planning your special Disney destination wedding.

How can I plan a Renaissance themed destination wedding?

Renaissance Themed Destination Wedding

One of the most popular themes for a wedding, whether it's held at a destination or in your hometown, is a Renaissance theme. How far you choose to go with your Renaissance theme wedding is up to you, however, you should have as much fun with your wedding as possible! A great destination for your Renaissance wedding is a medieval faire. At least one of these faires, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, allows weddings to take place during the faire. The great thing about getting married at a destination like a ren faire or festival is that the area is already set up with your theme! Usually, the faire will sell you a group of tickets and use of the grounds so all your guests can attend the wedding, and they will also help you with catering and other needs. All of your Renaissance wedding dreams can come true at one location, with people who are used to the theme and playing the part. Ask your guests to dress up too, and everyone can have fun with this destination wedding theme!

How do I plan my sci-fi themed destination wedding?

Sci-Fi Themed Destination Wedding

Looking for a break from the traditional theme wedding? Maybe you've always wanted to be a Vulcan? No matter what your reason, a sci-fi themed wedding can be a great choice for the couple who feels comfortable in deep space. One of the best destinations to choose for this is Las Vegas. Known as the wedding capital of the US, this location also offers some of the most diverse choices for theme weddings. When in Las Vegas, you can stop by the Las Vegas Hilton, which houses Star Trek: The Experience. Here, you can get married on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, and package range from small and intimate to extravagant. Whether you want to get married dressed as the captain or a Klingon, this location can help you achieve that perfect sci-fi theme wedding. Prices start at around $600 for a basic wedding package for two, and you can also upgrade your experience depending on your preferences.

How can I come up with a wedding theme for my destination?

Building a Wedding Theme Around the Destination

One of your best bets when choosing a theme for your destination wedding is to look at the area you're going to be in. If you're getting married on a beach in the Bahamas, an island wedding theme would be a perfect choice. If you've chosen the snowy peaks of Aspen, you might want to have a ski-weekend type of wedding theme. Las Vegas offers the bride and groom a range of wedding theme choices; from the campy look of old Las Vegas to the Sci-Fi image of Star Trek, you can find weddings with all different themes here. Getting married on a cruise? A water themed wedding, complete with swimming-themed wedding favors and boat-shaped invitations can be a great choice. New York City can offer a choice of wedding themes as well; imagine your wedding cake, shaped like a skyscraper! Using the resources of your wedding destination is a great way to come up with a wedding theme.

How do I go about choosing a theme for my destination wedding?

Choosing a Theme for Your Destination Wedding

Choosing a theme for any wedding is one of the most exciting and fun tasks in the planning of a wedding. When choosing your theme for a destination wedding, you can be even more outrageous and different with your choices. There are just a few simple rules to theme weddings that you should follow: first, choose a theme that both the bride and groom are happy with. If one of you loves the idea of a Renaissance-themed wedding, and the other thinks it's silly, that might not be the best choice for your wedding. You'll also need to be sure that your destination is suitable for your theme. Obviously, choosing an island theme for your wedding will not work as well if your destination is Alaska in the middle of winter. But if you were to choose a ski-themed wedding for this destination, it would work quite well. Also, consider cost. Theme weddings can be a bit more expensive than a traditional destination wedding ceremony, so be sure you're prepared to pay extra if needed for specialty items.

How can I plan my horror themed destination wedding?

Horror Themed Destination Wedding

If you're into ghouls and ghosts, you might be thinking of having a horror themed destination wedding. Luckily, there are many places in the country that cater to the unusual wedding couple. Las Vegas has plenty of different options for a horror theme wedding, including one based on the Rocky Horror Picture show. Other Gothic or horror themed weddings also frequently take place in Las Vegas, with such ideas as graveyards and Dracula being fair game. Another place worth looking into for your horror theme wedding is Salem, Massachusetts. Home of the Salem Witch Trials, this innocuous looking small New England town also hosts many different witch and horror themed events throughout the year.

What are some destination wedding themes?

Some Destination Wedding Themes

There are many different themes available to the couple who wants to plan a destination wedding. Sometimes, a theme is obvious depending on where the wedding ceremony will be held; a beach theme for a beach wedding. Other times, you'll want to plan your destination around the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you have your heart set on a wedding including an Elvis impersonator, you'll want to be sure to head to Las Vegas to get hitched. If you want any sort of specialty wedding theme, Vegas is the place to make it happen.

How do I plan my holiday themed destination wedding?

Holiday Themed Destination Wedding

If you decide to get married over a holiday, why not theme your wedding around that special time of year? Christmas weddings, whether in colder climates or in the islands, can be specially themed with Christmas colors and images to make your destination wedding memorable. Colors of red, green and gold can make your Christmas theme shine! If you choose to get married over Valentine's Day, a theme of pink, red and many heart shapes can be sure to make guests feel your love, no matter what location you choose for the event. Halloween weddings can be a great start for those who love the idea of a horror theme for their wedding, and if you're truly Irish – a Kelly green St. Patrick's Day wedding may be just what you're looking for! Coordinating your favors, invitations, decorations and even food to the holiday you're celebrating can also make your wedding great.

How can I plan my Elvis themed destination wedding?

Elvis Themed Destination Wedding

Having an Elvis themed wedding might at first seem like something that can only be done with a destination wedding in Las Vegas. It is true that the “King” seems to preside over many weddings in Vegas, but if your destination is elsewhere, you can still have an Elvis theme wedding. You could choose to get married in Memphis, Elvis's hometown. Here, the Graceland wedding chapel, located next to Elvis's home Graceland, is perfect for that intimate Elvis wedding without the glitz of Las Vegas. While an Elvis impersonator might not show up at this destination wedding, there really is no way to get married while being closer to Elvis. Choosing to have an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas can land the King as your officiant, or a guest, and the many different Elvis chapels here are sure to meet your wedding needs.

How can I plan my island themed destination wedding?

Island Themed Destination Wedding

Choosing to get married in the Caribbean or on another island can provide you with a great choice for your wedding theme. An island theme wedding is perfect for those couples who want to get married in the sun and surf of an island beach. Choose wedding invitations with a beach theme, such as decorations of shells and sandwashed colors. Colors of an island wedding can be mute, such as sea blues and sand colors, or bright, such as the tropical flowers of the area. Think about your menu as well when planning your island themed wedding; use the local ingredients and the idea of water and sun as an example to build a perfect beach menu. Finally, you can choose favors that will remind your guests of the island theme, such as baskets of sea shells, coconut candles and other island themed gifts.

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