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What are some celebrity wedding tricks?

Celebrity Wedding Tricks

Not all celebrities want the public to know when they're getting married, or even that they've had a ceremony. Some couples choose a destination wedding on a secluded island or in a part of the world that's unexpected, so that they can throw off the paparazzi. Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney chose this route, by getting married on a secluded beach on the island of St. John's. Other couples choose different means of tricking the press – when Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston, they didn't even give the guests the address of the ceremony until right before the wedding. Of course, average people don't need to go to such lengths to have a quiet ceremony, but the appeal of eloping to a private isle still appeals to many couples.

How can I have a celebrity wedding with my budget?

Ways to Have a Celebrity Wedding With a Low Budget

Although many brides and grooms would love to have the kind of extravaganza that celebrities can afford for their weddings, few couples can match that kind of expense account. To recreate the celebrity wedding feel, you can emulate their ceremonies and style for a cheaper price. Window shop for your celebrity wedding gown on different sites such as the Knot and then find a similar one by a lower-end designer. Often, you can get a gown that's close to looking like the real thing for less than a tenth of the price. You can look at pictures of celebrity wedding cakes, and then ask your local baker for a quote on how much it would cost to recreate it (using different ingredients and less embellishments can lower the price).

When did Nicole Kidman get married?

Nicole Kidman Married Keith Urban in Australia

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, who both grew up in Australia, chose a destination wedding in Sydney. On June 25, 2006 the couple got married in a candlelight ceremony after sundown in a Catholic chapel in Sydney. With a theme of “passion” and a red color scheme, the couple had a beautiful and traditional wedding and reception. They were very open about their wedding and didn't try to hide from press or paparazzi, instead choosing to celebrate their love without avoiding the public. Wedding guests arrived over the period of a few days, giving everyone time to enjoy celebrating with the couple as well as the great Australian setting. Wedding gifts were not given, as Kidman and Urban asked instead for donations to charity.

What is some celebrity wedding planner advice?

Celebrity Planner Sasha Souza

Uber-celebrity wedding planner Sasha Souza gives many reasons for having a destination wedding in a May 2006 In Style interview. She states that destination weddings are often more fun for the bride and groom, as well as the guests, because they're less stressful – you have not only the choice of your own wedding planner, but also the planners at the resort or other destination to help you with details.
All-inclusive weddings make this even easier, with some resorts offering free wedding ceremonies if you stay a minimum amount of days. Souza also seems to think that destination weddings are cheaper than traditional weddings - the average hometown wedding costs around $20,000 – and can help you to avoid major money troubles, which can cut down on a couple's enjoyment of the day.

What is some celebrity wedding planner advice?

Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss is a celebrity wedding planner who held the reigns of weddings for such stars as Jessica Simpson (in Austin, Texas) and Trista Rehn (from the TV show “The Bachelor”). She advocates picking a specific detail to focus on, such as the wine or even the cocktail service, at a destination wedding. That way, one part of your wedding will have extreme attention to detail even if you can't fuss over every issue. Weiss said that the bride and groom should travel to their chosen destination before the wedding date, so that they can make sure that everything they want will be available. If this is not possible, arrange to have someone “scout ahead”, by either having a local friend or wedding planner check out your wedding site before the big day.

How did Pink get married?

Pink Marries Carey Hart in Costa Rica

Pink, the singer/pop star and her fiance, Carey Hart (a motocross star) had a destination wedding in Costa Rica. They got married in January, 2006, in a non-denominational ceremony barefoot on the beach at sunset. They chose to have an unconventional wedding with the couple even having matching “Tru Luv” tattoos inked on their wrists. Pink was the one who proposed to her man, starting off their unconventional and unique wedding path. The guest count was small, only around 100, and the group had a very relaxed and fun time at their beach wedding.

What was the best celebrity wedding of 2005?

Celebrity Wedding Dresses for Less

One of the ways that any bride can emulate a celebrity wedding is by copying a celebrity wedding dress. Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and other bridal designers to the stars create beautiful dresses, but their price tags can reach tens of thousands of dollars. One way to purchase celebrity wedding dresses on a budget is to buy copies - often if a dress is very popular, moderately priced designers will copy it for sale to the general public. Or you can take a picture of the dress you want to a seamstress to have it copied for you, at a great discount. Another way is to buy a used wedding dress in a boutique or online. If wearing a dress that someone else already wore isn't your idea of the perfect gown, you can also brave Filene's Basement's annual wedding gown sale, where designer dresses that normally sell for up to $8000 are marked down to prices between $249 and $500.

How is Elizabeth Hurley getting married?

Elizabeth Hurley's Indian Themed Wedding

Elizabeth Hurley is planning to marry her Indian fiance Arun Nayar in a traditional Indian style wedding. She's decided to embrace the culture and other aspects of her future groom's heritage while also showing the world how much she's in love with her man. Although she doesn't have any fixed plans for her wedding yet, she does want to incorporate the colorful feel of an Indian wedding into her nuptuals, and they're planning to wed in 2006. Incorporating your groom or bride-to-be's culture into your wedding plans is a great way of including your new family and culture into your big day.

What are InStyle Weddings?

InStyle Weddings

InStyle magazine is known for its special wedding issues with feature in-depth information on the destination weddings of Hollywood superstars.
InStyle offers advice on the perfect gown, the right location and even the best ring for your budget and taste, all while showing you the latest in celebrity trends. Now, there's even an InStyle Weddings book, which collects celebrity ideas and other advice articles into one place to help with your destination wedding planning.

What are some celebrity wedding beauty tips?

Celebrity Wedding Beauty Tips

While you might be tempted to apply your own makeup for the big day, celebrity makeup artists would consider that a big no-no. It's often best to leave your makeup to the professionals – and if you'd really like that Hollywood look, here are some tips.
- A “glowing look” gives your natural skin a little boost without looking too made up
- Have your eyes done to look super sophisticated, with extra long lashes to set off the rest of your glowing, natural looking face.
- Keep some cotton swabs tucked inside your flower bouquet; that way, if you cry as you walk down the aisle, you can pull one out for a quick touch up.

What are some celebrity wedding styles?

Celebrity Wedding Styles

Celebrities choose to have their weddings in all sorts of settings. Whether it's getting married on a beach like Seal and Heidi Klum or at a Las Vegas chapel like Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, many of the ways that celebrity weddings are held can be used by couples with any budget. A great thing to keep in mind is that celebrities often choose simple and comfortable wedding settings even if they could afford a lavish production. Choosing a destination wedding that is intimate and casual can be more comfortable, and emulate a celebrity wedding.

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