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What are some destination wedding apparel styles?

Destination Wedding Apparel Styles

When you're getting married at a destination, whether it's a beach or a chateau in France, you have to make a decision as to what to wear. Destination weddings pose a difficult situation for brides especially, as wearing a traditional wedding gown may not be possible or practical. Some other wedding styles that might fit your location better could be a sarong for a beach wedding, or a simple white dress for a location that is hard to reach.

Where should I buy my wedding apparel?

Where to Buy Your Destination Wedding Apparel

So you've decided what you're going to wear to your destination wedding. You might have chosen a flowing gown, or maybe a sarong with a bikini underneath. Regardless of what you wear, how will you get your wedding attire to your wedding destination? This will definitely depend on what you're going to wear and where you're getting married. While some destinations (such as Las Vegas, or areas in Europe) may be able to accommodate your wishes for a wedding gown or tux with a store or rental, other island destinations may not have exactly what you're looking for. You also have the advantage of trying on your clothing and getting any needed alterations performed before the big day if you bring your wedding apparel with you. If you're looking to wear something more casual, you may be able to purchase that directly at your destination.

How should I transport my destination wedding apparel?

How to Transport Your Wedding Apparel

If you've picked out the dress of your dreams, and you've decided to bring it along with you, be sure to follow this advice:
Bring your dress with you on the plane as a carry-on. Don't check the dress, pack it in a suitcase, or do anything that might cause your gown to be misplaced. A flight attendant will be happy to help you stow the dress in an overhead compartment, or sometimes, they'll even help you put it into a coat closet or area reserved for things like strollers and wheelchairs (if there's room).
If you're the groom, the same advice applies. Pack your tux or suit in your carry-on bag.

What should my wedding party wear for my destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Party Apparel

Since destination weddings are often themed or informal affairs, the wedding party's attire can be complicated. The bride and groom should first decide whether they would like to wear traditional wedding apparel, and then decide how to proceed with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Obviously, if you're wearing informal clothing, your bridal party should not be dressed in satin gowns and tuxes. You'll also want to decide whether you want to have a certain color or theme associated with your wedding that the dresses and suits would accompany. One of the best parts of having a destination wedding is that you don't need to stick to expected wedding convention, so mix it up!

What are some alternatives to wearing a tux at my destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Tux Alternatives

Men have it easy when choosing what to wear to their destination weddings. Often, even in the most formal of settings, grooms can choose to wear a simple suit or even just a sport coat to their big event. If you're planning a theme destination wedding, or one that revolves around the culture of the area you're getting married in, you can really play with what you're going to wear. Hawaiian shirts and shorts, even jeans, can look just right next to a bride who's wearing a casual dress. Of course, there's always the nudist option, but be sure that you and your bride are in agreement on that before showing up without clothing!

How can I choose my destination wedding apparel?

Choosing Destination Wedding Apparel by Location

Choosing wisely when you decide what you're going to wear to your destination wedding can mean the difference between being comfortable at your ceremony or feeling awkward and uncomfortable. If you follow a few simple rules, you'll be sure to make the right choice. For instance: if you're getting married on the beach, don't wear heels or choose a wedding gown with a long train. Both of these can spell trouble when walking in the sand. Also, choose clothing that's of an appropriate weight for both the groom and the bride. Heavy fabrics and layers (such as in a tux with a vest and coat) can be very uncomfortable for weddings outside in the heat. Cruise weddings also call for some modifications to traditional wedding apparel; you'll want to forgo having a train (there are lots of steps on a cruise ship) and choose a dress that packs well. Choosing the right clothes will definitely make your wedding day progress much more smoothly.

What should I pack for my destination wedding?

What to Pack For Your Destination Wedding

You're going to need your wedding apparel, but you'll need clothing and other incidentals for the time you're at your destination as well. Make sure you research the area you're traveling to for weather predictions, and pack for all contingencies. Even if you think the island you're going to has weather that's always above 70, make sure to pack a light jacket – you never know if you'll be there at the one time the temperature plummets! Make sure to pack additional hosiery, socks and shoes, especially extras for the wedding day. Heat, and flying on an airplane can make your feet swell, so don't count on your regular size shoes to fit. Also, don't forget your wedding rings! They're not exactly clothing, but they're something that you'll definitely need to wear!

What should a guest wear to a destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Guest Apparel

Being invited to a destination wedding can be a great excuse to take a vacation, as well as having a reunion with family and friends. You'll want to think about this when telling your guests what to wear to your event. Everyone will need to pack their finery for the trip, and if you choose to ask that people dress formally, it may be a hardship on some of your guests to travel with fancy clothing. It's usually better to expect that your guests will wear informal attire, even if you choose to dress traditionally. It will make the trip much more comfortable for everyone involved!

What should the bride wear for a destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Apparel For Brides

After deciding to have a destination wedding, the next question for many women is, “What am I going to wear?” Some brides may feel that they won't be able to wear the traditional wedding gown, as a destination wedding dress should be less formal. However, many women who get married at a destination do choose to wear their fantasy wedding gown, so don't be worried! Wedding planners, as well as other resources such as books and websites, can help you to decide the best way to dress for your event.

What are some alternatives to wearing a wedding dress at your destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Dress Alternatives

If you're not the fancy wedding dress type, you might be thinking that it would be easier to wear something else for your destination wedding. Luckily, most weddings performed at destinations are laid-back, informal affairs, so you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Some brides choose to wear a simple informal wedding dress in white or ivory, or even just an informal gown of any type. Depending on where you're getting married, you could wear the traditional dress of the area; for example, you could wear Polynesian attire in Hawaii, or a dirndl in Germany. You could even wear just a simple sarong with flowers in your hair, or the ultimate dress alternative: get married in the nude!

What should the groom wear to a destination wedding?

Destination Wedding Apparel for Grooms

What you decide to wear at your destination wedding depends entirely upon your taste and budget. Often, the destination wedding groom's apparel is overlooked when planning the wedding, but it really shouldn't be; this is an expression of his personal style. When you're having a destination wedding, the groom can choose the traditional tux, wear a suit or sport coat and pants, or even jeans and a t-shirt depending on your type of wedding. Weddings in the Caribbean and other islands tend to be less traditional and less formal, meaning that anything goes when it comes to the wedding attire, but may even have places to rent a tux or purchase formal wear, in case you choose that route. Just make sure you'll match the bride, and have fun!

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