Making Legal Arrangements for a Destination Wedding

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How do I make legal arrangements for my destination wedding?

Making Legal Arrangements for a Destination Wedding

It's important to realize that when you choose to have a destination wedding, you'll need to abide by the rules and regulations of that country or state regarding marriage. In some instances, you will need to complete extensive paperwork, have it translated into the native language of that country, and even complete a residency requirement. You may have to “live” in the country you choose for days or even weeks before you can get married there, as is the case in France and many other European countries. Some of the United States require different blood tests and other screenings as well, so you'll need to find out the legal arrangements needed before your wedding date. Las Vegas probably has the most lenient policy regarding legal requirements, you needn't take a blood test and you can get your marriage license just before the ceremony. The marriage license office even stays open until at least midnight every day! Be sure to research thoroughly the legal requirements of your chosen location, either on the Internet, by contacting the country directly, or through a wedding planner.



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