Destination Weddings – The Midwest

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How can I plan my destination wedding in the Midwest?

Destination Weddings – The Midwest

The Midwest United States are not what people think of when they picture a romantic destination wedding getaway. Couples should really consider this area, however, because there are some great destinations in the Midwest. The Wisconsin Dells, a small town in Wisconsin, is home to beautiful Wisconsin River views, as well as being the “world's biggest waterpark destination”. While this location might not seem, at first glance, to be the most romantic choice, it's a great option for weddings with many children as guests. This doesn't mean you have to get married at a theme park or playground, but the amount of amusement for young adults and children can make a destination wedding easier. One extremely romantic spot in Wisconsin Dells to get married at is The White Rose Inn. Here, you can choose to have an intimate wedding overlooking the beautiful river area, or a larger ceremony in the RiverView Wedding Chapel. The wedding coordinators at the Inn make sure to help you find the best package for your needs, and there are accommodations on site. Wisconsin's legal requirements for a wedding are as follows: you must present photo ID, and show certified copies of your birth certificates if you are under 30. Couples need to apply for their marriage license in the county where their ceremony will be held (if from out-of-state), and the mandatory six day waiting period can be waived for non-Wisconsin residents. No blood tests are required, and both parties must be 18 or older.



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