Advantages to a Cruise Wedding

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What are the advantages to a cruise wedding?

Advantages to a Cruise Wedding

A cruise is a great place to have a wedding. The ship acts as the wedding site as well as the honeymoon destination, and cruises allow you to visit multiple ports without the hassle of packing and unpacking and checking in and out of hotels.

Many cruise lines, including Carnival Cruises and Princess Cruises, have special wedding chapels on all of their ships. Similar to a country church, these chapels have the traditional wedding aisle, organ music, and altar, and may be adapted to host weddings in most religious faiths. The Princess chapels even have a live web cam so that family and friends that are unable to attend the wedding can watch the ceremony live.

Of course, cruise ships also offer a number of other wedding spots. You can get married on the grand staircase, by the pool area, or on shore at one of the many spots on the cruise route.

Most cruise lines offer special cruise wedding packages that include the services of a wedding planner, flowers, taped music, the necessary paperwork, and the wedding site. You can generally add food and beverage, live music, the services of the ship's photographer, spa services, and other extras if desired.



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