What to Wear for a Beach Wedding

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What should the bride and groom wear at a beach wedding?

What to Wear for a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding -- in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, or other scenic spot -- is an ideal place to bend the traditional wedding dress code. You'll still want to look lovely and elegant, but you can replace the standard white, heavily-constructed gown with something a little more flowing, fun, and affordable. Here are some ideas:

1. A white or off-white sundress. This can be silk, chiffon, or even linen. All shades of white fit into the sun-drenched sand, sun, and water motif.

2. Bare feet. Three-inch heels on sand? Are you crazy? Go barefoot or wear simple strap sandals instead. Not only do heels look out-of-place in a tropical setting, but they can be downright dangerous.

3. Pareos and sarongs. Pareos are those brightly-colored, cotton wraps that can be tied in a number of different ways -- over one shoulder, above the bust line for a strapless look, or at the waist as a longish skirt. Sarongs are similar, Polynesian-style wrap dresses and skirts. Both offer a minimum of coverage and support and therefore are best suited to thin brides. Some companies even make special bridal pareos and sarongs.

4. Accessories. Keep the accessories to a minimum at a beach wedding. Why try to compete with the beauty of the bride and the beachfront setting? Use flowers as accessories, with a gardenia behind your ear or a sprig of blossoms pinned to your dress-strap.

4. For the groom. The groom doesn't have to get dressed up in a tuxedo for a beach wedding. In fact, such attire would look out of place in a seaside setting. A white linen suit or a casual white shirt over linen pants are acceptable looks. For a more formal wedding, add a white jacket.



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