Top Romantic Wedding Destinations outside of the United States

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What are a few romantic wedding destinations, outside of the United States?

Top Romantic Wedding Destinations outside of the United States

Everywhere is romantic if you're with the one that you love. However, some locales just have that special ambiance, whether its the scenery, the friendly people, and the years of history associated with it. Below are our choices for the top romantic wedding destinations outside of the United States:

1. Tahiti. These islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have entranced lovers and dreamers for centuries. Explorer James Cook was fascinated by them. So was the French painter Gauguin and more recently, Marlon Brando. Tahiti offers a relaxed, friendly way of life, beautiful vistas, French food and culture (albeit with a South Pacific lilt), and a variety of luxury resorts, many of which offer secluded cottages or huts.

2. Paris. Who doesn't love Paris? France's capital city offers food, fashion, flowers, history, and stunning architecture. Yes, the paperwork can be tricky. (It's best to work with a wedding planner well versed in French destination weddings or have a small, legal ceremony at home before the elaborate, overseas ritual.) The "City of Lights" offers scores of elegant sites for your wedding, from the Luxembourg Gardens to the 19th century ballroom of the Grand Hotel.

3. Niagara Falls. Don't laugh. Niagara Falls is one of the most popular wedding destinations. There's just something about all of that water. After a fallsview ceremony, head a half-hour up the Niagara River to Niagara-on-the-Lake, a restored early 19th century community with a decidedly Celtic flavor. The town also makes a good base for exploring Niagara's many wineries and for enjoying the spring, summer, and fall Shaw Theater Festival.



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