What Top Wedding Destinations Have in Common

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What do top wedding destinations have in common?

What Top Wedding Destinations Have in Common

Sure, one couple's ideal wedding destination may be a beach, another a tropical rain forest, and other a big city, but top wedding destinations all tend to have a few things in common. A few of these common traits are:

1. Romance. Everyone's definition is somewhat different, but all of the top wedding destinations have it, be it Tuscany, Bermuda, the Canadian Rockies, or Rio de Janeiro.

2. A feeling of being somewhere special. What do the Seine in Paris, a beach in St. Barts, and a Kauai's Fern Grotto all have in common? They all have the magical feeling of adventure, of being somewhere that's decidedly different from home.

3. Easy access. Nothing kills the romance like taking three planes, a ferry, and 18 hours to get to your dream destination. Also, inaccessibility generally translates into expense. Don't expect many of your family and friends to have the time and money to join you at your remote hideaway for your wedding. Instead, choose somewhere that can be reached in six hours and no more than two planes.



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