An Exotic Wedding Dress

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What are some types of exotic wedding dresses?

An Exotic Wedding Dress

For some brides, the traditional white flowing gown just isn't what they have in mind. Such young women opt for a more exotic wedding dress. This means different things to different brides. It can mean a casual look, a dress that evokes the bride's ancestry, or a sports-themed outfit. Below are some ideas:

Tropical wedding attire. Getting married on the beach is by definition a more casual experience than a traditional church wedding. Some brides carry the tropical theme to their wedding attire by wearing such things as a sarong -- a silk or cotton garment that can be tied around the body in a number of ways.

Following your roots. For some couples, a destination wedding is about reconnecting and reaffirming their connection with their ancestors. For instance, a bride with Caribbean or African roots might want to dress as an African bride for her wedding. Similarly, a bride of Scottish ancestry may want to add a scarf in the family tartan to her outfit.

Sports or hobby-related garb. Destination weddings lend themselves to sports and hobby-related, adventure weddings. Are you scuba enthusiasts? Consider getting married underwater. Rock climbers? Consider getting married atop a steep mountain. Of course, your wedding apparel will have to match these extreme sports with perhaps just a few embellishments.

Depending on your idea of an exotic wedding dress, you'll likely have to search for it in non-traditional outlets or even have your outfit made especially for you. Start looking for your exotic wedding dress well before the wedding to allow for this.



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