Caribbean Wedding Flowers

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What are some traditional Caribbean wedding flowers?

Caribbean Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding and the lush, tropical flowers of the Caribbean are a beautiful addition to any beach wedding. Below are just a few of the Caribbean's finest blossoms:

Hibiscus. These cup-like flowers are a standard in most Caribbean gardens. They range in color from white to yellow to bright pink.

Bougainvillea. This official flower of the Caribbean island of Grenada grows on vines that hug trellises and fences all over the Caribbean. The thorny vines are covered in small, delicate flowers of white, pink, rose, and purple.

Oleander. This evergreen bush, native to the Mediterranean, flowers with white, pink, and yellow blossoms. Be careful with this beauty, however; it is poisonous to humans.

Birds of Paradise. This dramatic stems have an orange or yellow flower with a distinctive top that resembles a bird or a crane. These flowers, native to South Africa, can grow up to four feet tall.

Cannas. Sometimes called canna lilies, these tall stalks are topped with festive red, orange, pink, or yellow flowers.

Gardenias. A favorite for Caribbean beach weddings, this delicate, cream colored flowers is beautiful in a bouquet or as a single adornment behind the bride's ear.



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