A Couple's Destination Wedding Duties

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What are the wedding couple's duties at a destination wedding?

A Couple's Destination Wedding Duties

The bridal couple's duties at a destination wedding are primarily to enjoy themselves on their special day. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning destination weddings.

The wedding couple is not under any obligation to pay for their guests' hotel rooms or flights. If the couple is in a financial position to pay all or part of these expenses, no doubt it would be appreciated, but it's not required. It does, however, make sense for the bridal couple to negotiate a group rate or at least put together the travel costs related to the wedding trip, so that guests don't have to spend time researching travel options.

During the week of the wedding, it's nice to arrange a few events or activities for your guests to share. Generally, these are optional, but give your friends and family a chance to get to know one another as well as enjoy the destination. Any mandatory events, such as a rehearsal dinner, should be paid for by the wedding couple.

Attending a destination wedding as a guest requires more time and money than simply showing up at a church across town. It's polite to acknowledge your guests' efforts by sending them a brief thank you note following the wedding trip.



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