Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

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What are some destination wedding favor ideas?

Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

While you may be getting married thousands of miles from home, that's no reason that your wedding reception can't be personalized to reflect your tastes as well as the tropical environment. Wedding favors--those small or elaborate gifts for your guests--are one way to personalize your wedding.

Wedding favors may be given directly to guests, left in their hotel rooms, given in gift bags, or more commonly used to decorate the cocktail party or reception tables and then given to guests after the party.

Ideas for wedding favors are almost limitless. Some tropical-themed ideas include shell candles, flip-flop-shaped place card holders, beach-themed coasters, "sand in a decorative bottle," tropical-themed photo albums or picture frames, disposable cameras so they can fill the albums or frames, and shell-shaped collectibles, such as silver salt and pepper shakers or wine stoppers.

Keep in mind that your guests will have to take your wedding favors home in their luggage. Avoid giving ideas that are too large or awkward to pack.



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